About Us

 Hi, my name is Sean Charles with S.C. Farrier Service.  I was born in Beaverton OR, where I was raised with three horses.  In 2000 I moved to the great state of Montana, where my horsemanship grew.  In recent years I have moved to Washington where I reside. Before attending farrier school I apprenticed with farrier, Beau Randy who has been shoeing for over 30 years.  With him I have learned how to shoe and trim all breeds of horses.

  Mini Horse Draft
Trims $30 $35 $65
Front Shoes   $80 $150
Shoe/Trim All   $100 $250


  Clips          $10
  Pull old shoes    $5
  Aluminum  shoes   $20

  Bar shoes or egg bar          $40
  Sliding Plates        $20
  Drill & tap for studs          $25

  Borium           $25
  Pour in pads per foot          $30

  Acrylic patches (per foot)          $35

  Pads plastic,leather,wedge,frog, with sil pak          $40 per pair
  Hospital Plate    $100    

  Heart bar shoes     $50
  Laminitis Cases     $100 An hour

  Quarter crack repair      $ 100
  Horse Training       $80 An hour

DISCOUNTS: Refer me to a friend and receive $20 off your next shoeing and $10 off your next trim (appointment must be kept and client serviced in order to receive referall discount)